Bird Flu in Kerala?

The death toll from the attack of “chikungunya” (a viral disease spread through mosquitoes as reported in the Mercury New today) in Kerala seems to be on the increase. I am surprised that it has not yet made it to the Times of India. Saw this in
the Hindu. Its about time the Central Govt. got involved in providing the necessary support and assistance.

Foley’s Folly

Congressman Mark Foley’s mess seems to have taken a serious political turn with accusations that the House Speaker Dennis Hastert knew about it but was attempting a cover up. Another election eve scandal to keep Washington busy. Scandal mongers seem to be working over time to unearth scandals just on the eve of the elections. Wonder when the Democrats are going to hit by one to make it even!

Time for Ganguly to Quit

Its long overdue. Ganguly should retire. He can land a plum commentator slot for the Champions Trophy and possibly the World Cup. Its a pity that he didn’t go out in style. But to a large extent he has no one to blame besides himself. His failure in the challenger Series will hopefully convince him that its time bid adieu.

Mush on AQ Khan

Much has been said about the AQ Khan network over the years, especially since his “confession”. Its hard to imagine that he was able to act on his own without the approval of the various Pakistani heads of state. In all likelihood, when Musharraf was under extreme pressure from the US, he decided to make AQ Khan the scapegoat. Its good to know that a letter exists somewhere giving the gory details of those in high places who are involved in the scandal.

Mush’s latest book seems to have revived theories about AQ Khan and his activities. Nothing is likely to come out of it, except that Mush will sell more books. Man, talk about a world leader who knows his priorities!

Tharoor’s Defeat

Now that he has lost the bid for UN Secy General what does he do next? Does he continue and work for Kofi Annan’s replacement? That would be strange, wouldn’t it?

The rumor has it that the US didn’t back his candidacy. Wonder why? Was it because he was considered close to Annan, who is no friend of the US? Btw, Shashi Tharoor’s most recent book (published a couple of years back) is titled “Nehru: The Invention of India”. Its dedicated to his boss, Kofi Annan! While it might have been a smart move to write a book on Nehru, it wasn’t probably as smart move to dedicate it to Annan.