Book Review: For Matrimonial Purposes

Title: For Matrimonal Purposes
Author: Kavita Daswani

If you are single, Indian and in the “marriage market”, you are certain to enjoy this book. Single Indian women in particular are likely to identify with this book. At the same time, it might be hard for a non-Indians (ie., someone not familiar with Indian culture) to relate to it. The book appears to be autobiographical.

The story revolves around an Indian girl from the Sindhi community, grappling with the pressures of marriage from her immediate family and the Indian society at large. She moves to NY gets exposed to a different life and travels back to India on a holiday to face marriage pressures again. The story is very believable for the most part. It does end a little abruptly and predictably. Otherwise its a “time pass” easy read.

“Islamic Fascists” too extreme, does no good.

Thanks to President Bush and his team the term “Islamic fascists” is now well known and widely quoted in the media. Its a follow up, I guess to the earlier, Axis of Evil“.

Senator Feingold’s view that the term Islamic fascists does not help combat terrorism is on target. His opponents might claim that his views are politically motivated, but in the case I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. The term at some level just antagonizes and isolates an entire community at some level. A large number of the terrorists might be Muslim, that doesn’t make all Muslims terrorists. Besides why drag the religion into it? One could argue that fascists of this kind exist at the extreme of most religious groups. Such rhetoric is unlikely to achieve any positives. In fact, it is likely to make even the moderate Muslim uncomfortable and upset, and make the world more divided, and less safe.

Fremont Restaurant: Mirchi Cafe & Masala Pizza

If you are looking for a good place to eat in Fremont, check out at Mirichi Cafe. It is located on Fremont Blvd, not far from Lovely Sweets. Its hard to find unless you go looking for it. The food is very good. The food is called “Fusion cuisine” with a good creative mix of Indian, Pakistani and Italian food. You have recordings of old cricket matches if you care that are shown at all times. Its owned by a American-Pakistani couple. We tried the chicken pizza and the veggie wrap. Good stuff!

Celebrating 50 Years of Fremont

The 50th anniversary of Fremont was held at Elizabeth Lake in Fremont. It was a grand event no doubt. Considering that Fremont is in the silicon valley and home to several high tech companies it was surprising to see no corporate sponsors. Given that the companies are competing to provide free wireless access and the like it was strange that no major tech companies appear to have sponsored the celebrations.

Movie Review: Rasathanthram

Title: Rasathanthram (“Chemistry”)
Language: Malayalam
Starring: Mohanlal, Meera Jasmine

An enjoyable film. Mohanlal and Meera Jasmine have put in good performances. There is very interesting portayal of a father-son relationship played by Gopi-Mohanlal. This part in particular was handled very well by the director.

The movie has good music from Illayaraja, some good comedy and a fairly decent storyline, making it a complete package. The photography fully exploits Kerala’s natural beauty. The locations are outright gorgeous and must be seen on a big screen to be fully appreciated.

Cricket: Positives in the England Team Struggle

England is consistently losing to Pak in the ODI series. Their bowling looked really bad in the last ODI. Their batting failed in the previous two ODIs. Yet, I think there re positives in all of this. Firstly, I think England’s key players get some much needed rest (assuming of course they recover in time for the Ashes). Flintoff, Harmisson, Hoggard, Vaughn fit this category. Secondly, this opens up plenty of opportunity to unearth some new talent. Dalrymple is certainly a good find. Chris Read has had a good comeback. J Lewis and Broad appear to be good too, though it early to judge. Collingwood continues to look quite reliable.

Trescothick struggling at the top of the order is a huge concern for the English team and it might be a good idea to try out one more alternatives. If dropping him in the ODIs against Pak might be too extreme, it might make sense to try him down the order — open with Bell and try Peterson at number 3 and Trescothick at number 4. The latter approach might help him regain his confidence given that he is missing Champions trophy, his only other Intenational exposure prior to the Ashes.

Change at Ford a sign of deep crisis?

I was reading an interview with William Ford in Businessweek (I think) over the weekend and was really surprised to read today that he has been replaced! Its surely a sign that Ford is in serious trouble and on the verge of some major changes.

It will be interesting to see if the new CEO after 37 years at Boeing manages to survive in a largely family owned (yet public) environment.