Movie Review: The Aviator

The movie is set in the 1920s and based on the life of Howard Hughes (movie maker and the man behind Hughes Aircraft). It starts off a little slow and confusing, then picks up and keeps you very engaged to the very end. The dialogues, especially in the early part of the movie are sometimes a little difficult to follow. The Senate hearing scenes towards the end are superbly dramatized with the right “masala”. Overall, an excellent film.

Leornardo DiCaprio in the lead role is very impressive. A super performance, no doubt. I believe he also co-produced the movie. Smart move. See this movie if you get a chance.

If you plan see the movie, give this background on Howard Hughes a quick read.

More annoying pop-ups

Can someone tell me how to get rid of pop-ups from the Times of India website? This is a recent development. Earlier I never had this problem in Firefox. Now I see the message saying “Firefox prevented the site from opening a pop-up….” but I still get the stupid pop-up. Btw, I don’t have this problem on any other website (barring

John Roberts: Chief Justice nominee

John Roberts goes from virtual unknown to Chief Justice. Man, this is quite a power trip for this guy! I thought some of the current judges on the supreme court might be aspiring for this top job? Don’t they have some kind of seniority consideration for this post? Maybe not. This is a clear case of a total outsider walking in and taking the top job. The guy is in his fifties and is likely to hold the top job for a few decades! Wonder why no one is talking about trying to change the rules of the game especially when the country is so sharply divided.

A cake walk confirmation just got interesting….

NZ-India final

As expected by most Indian cricket fans, India lost the final to NZ in the Videocon Tri-series. When the batting clicks, the bowling fails, otherwise the fielding fails, else everything fails. The biggest positive from this tour is that JP Yadav definitely deserves to be in the team as the all-rounder/fifth bowler. Next, Dhoni can certainly help speed up things in the last 10-15 overs. He has proved that more than once and can be counted to deliver in the future.

Venu lost a good chance to prove himself and might find himself dumped for good. Kaif and Yuvraj have extended their survival lease by the odd good performance. Agarkar fans now have more ammunition to fight his cause. Dumpimg Dravid from the captaincy seems to have taken its toll. He probably thinks he has had enough scoring runs under Dada and can keep his place without super performances. Lastly, India is certainly missing Sachin and his all round skills.

All in all, the Indian team is going through a lousy phase. Despite so much talent, a cricket playing nation with so many resources continues to fail. Don’t know what exactly it is, but something has to change. If it doesn’t, the same story will continue through to the World Cup in 2007.

Jelly Belly Factory

Check out the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA if get a chance. If you are headed to Napa this can be a nice stop over for the kids. Unlike the regular robot infested factory floors, this one is so vibrant with all the colors of the jelly beans. Beware, they give you plenty of sample jelly beans that are bound to drive the kids completely hyper if you don’t ration them out!

India’s win over NZ: Nothing to get excited about!

NZ rested Shane Bond for the match and that made all the difference. Struggling Indian batsman batted like champions. It was a smart move to rest the star bowler in my opinion. He’ll be fresh and hungry to have another go at the Indian batting.

NZ’s bowling without Bond and Vettori is pretty mediocre. On the other hand, when Bond does the job of putting serious pressure on the batsman from one end, the other bowlers start grabbing wickets from the other despite bein mediocre by themselves. In any case, this victory will give India some much needed confidence going into the finals. It is great that Dhoni played a useful innings to finish up the match for India. The final acceleration is something that India has been badly lacking. The fielding in particular was impressive especially the run outs.

If India win the finals, then all the complaints about Ganguly and co. will be promptly forgotten and Dada will be firmly in control once again.

Pizza Hut sucks, at least the local one does!

I am not a pizza lover. Unfortunately, I sometimes end up eating pizza at work simply because it is convenient, fast and delivered. The closest Pizza Hut to work is at:

1241 W El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Phone: (650)968-8100

For the third time in a row over a course of about 6 months, I have ended up with an upset stomach after ordering pizza from this store! 😦

On the other hand, I have had much better luck with Little Caesar’s pizza. Very aggressive pricing, yet decent quality. They don’t deliver in most places.