Pakwan: A Shalimar clone worth visiting

Tired of the long wait at the Shalimar resturant in Fremont, California? You now have a lessser know alternative by name Pakwan, not very far from Shalimar (less than 10 minute drive on Fremont Blvd). The food and price are very similar and the quality definitely comparable. At present it is less crowded than Shalimar, mostly because most people don’t know of its existence. Its opposite the Lucky Sweets on Fremont Blvd. There was previously a Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant at the same place.

Location: 41068 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont 94539

Author: Pran Kurup

Pran Kurup is founder and CEO of Vitalect, Inc.

2 thoughts on “Pakwan: A Shalimar clone worth visiting”

  1. We were quite underwhelmed by the Fremont Shalimar on our visit a few months back. No comparison at all to the San Francisco shalimar.Are you saying the Fremont Pakwan is significantly better (foodwise)? — JN


  2. Boy, you got me on a spot there! I haven’t been to the SF Shalimar in a long time, so I can’t really compare. Given that Fremont Shalimar was the “first” of its kind in Fremont, we thought it was quite good (and so did the serpentine queues, especially in the early day). Pakwan is comparable but not hugely different from the Fremont Shalimar. (I am being a little cautious as you might have realized 🙂


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